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We offer men a clear, immediate start, using a proven step-by-step plan designed to create their best self!

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You want to realize the best version of yourself.
You want to be fit, confident and successful so that you can live a free life.

A life free to achieve your dreams, free to do what you want, travel where you want and spend your time with those you love!

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What is Freedym Fitness?

If you want to create a truly free lifestyle with fitness as the engine you need to do one very important thing…

Get started!

Let’s get real. There isn’t a lack of information out there today, it’s the opposite. There is too much information and we all offer from information overload. Whether it’s a video, podcast, ebook, daily emails we are overwhelmed with choices and directions.

Freedym Fitness is your personal curator. You will only receive take away knowledge in bite sized chunks that you can use and apply daily! Not only that, but we recognize that your success hinges on getting started and feeling that it is working early on and that I what Freedym Fitness is designed to do.

When you have a tribe of other like-minded guys working towards their own personal goals every day you feel the support and motivation to take your own step every day.

You will learn how to get started. You will welcome a new chapter in your life that finally takes hold and carries you towards your goals whether that’s to simply look and feel better or build off of that success to improve your relationships, income and experiences.


    • The Step by Step VFS is not a get-ripped-quick lie, although they can make you more muscular and leaner than you’ve ever imagined…


    • The Step by Step VFS will not make you lose 30 pounds overnight, although you will use them to get in the best shape of your life…


    • The Step by Step VFS will not bring you a soul mate or rekindle your love life in 24 hours, but they will raise the quality of people and love you attract…


    • The Step by Step VFS will not make you a millionaire overnight, but they will raise your earning potential and set you on the path to creating long term wealth….

If you want to get ripped, build muscles, tone your body, improve overall health and reap all the benefits that come with being fit, you’ll see how simple it is to learn… even if you haven’t exercised a day in your life… even if you currently HATE exercise… even if you can’t do 1 pushup.   But don’t take my word for it…

The physio was getting me no where so I started back with Taylor.  1 year later I was back heli skiing. Paul R

Finding time with kids is a challenge, Taylor and the VFS chunk it all down and make it work. Sarah D

I was the varsity volleyball captain and still could never achieve abs, until I sat with Taylor. Jon W

Only $37

I’ve spent years trying to attain the ‘perfect’ physique and what I can tell you is that what matters most is having a body that works for you.  To feel good and confident all day long and be able to enjoy the things that fitness brings.

Once we connect the work we do in fitness to how it’s going to get everything else you want out of life, then the power to squeeze out those last few reps, stop the sugar roller coaster or just get started really gains momentum.

Introducing The Vitality Fitness System Step by Step Path To Success.

Just $37

If you are like most people, you’ll find that starting something new can feel overwhelming at the time.  It’s not a question of not knowing what to do for most people, but what to do first.  

There is so much information out there that you may have information overload not a lack of it.  That very problem is what the VFS solves.

The VFS is a daily step by step success path, sent via email complete with motivation, education, videos, guides and detailed steps of exactly what you need to do that day to be successful.

What to eat, how much and when, it’s all there with your custom and personalized meal plans.

What exercises to do and when all comes with VFS. 10 workout along videos that were produced and aired originally on TV are waiting for you.

The VFS is daily, online fitness coaching program with life changing results.  

Daily instructions telling you EXACTLY what you need to do THAT DAY to be successful.   

The entire process is chunked down into small steps that start laying the foundation for what will be your successful Game Plan.  

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few.”

Shunryu Suzuki

This one quote could not sum it up any better.  The fitness industry is great at making you think we are discovering new breakthroughs everyday, when in fact the science hasn’t had any true breakthrough in terms of training and fitness in many, many years.  

First let me teach you only what you need to know so that you can consistently apply the foundational principles on training and nutrition that have already been proven to work for thousands of others just like you.  

This is something I picked up on almost 20 years ago while managing one of, if not thee, biggest and busiest fitness clubs in Canada.

Without a motivated and consistent effort, the best of plans just won’t work.

I started developing the system that has worked for thousands of people and wrapped it all up in a simple to follow, step by step plan that keeps you motivated and engaged long enough to see results in the mirror.


When you see a different person staring back at you in the mirror you don’t need ‘willpower’ anymore.  The desire to train takes over and the fitness lifestyle takes hold!

Working on your fitness to develop an autopilot response is something that will change everything.  

Powerful RESULTS!

The VFS is a revolutionary new fitness service that guarantees a shaped and strong, hard body that will last you the rest of your life.

“I Don’t Dump The Entire Program Out On Your Lap All At Once.”

I selectively tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.  Chunked down into easy, bite size bits so that you can truly be successful and absorb all the content, easily.

VFS Keeps You Burning Fat, Building Muscle and Charging Towards Your Goals 24/7

You will not see a seemingly endless supply of bonuses with the system.

I will not go on and on about how many bonuses you get that all add up to hundreds of dollars worth of value.  

Instead, what I’d rather do is keep the proposition simple and clear.  I will focus on the meat and potatoes of the system and what makes the VFS unique and then over deliver.  

One of the core values Vitality FItness Studio was built on was Under Promise and Over Deliver, which I have carried over into the online world.

The Beech Body Television Workout Series™

10 workout videos guiding and motivating you through amazingly effective and wonderfully sequenced workouts that will bring about your best body ever.  

hybrid of all the very best training modalities known today, I have taken only the best exercises and movements from all disciplines and combined them here for you.

The “tool box” of exercises that I have put together is unmatched and I can say that with extreme confidence.  


Hundreds of reps of jumping jacks and Burpees work great. The problem is that is extremely boring, produces overuse injuries and no one wants to do that 3 times a week.

The need to be fun, creative and effective is very real in your quest for long term, life changing results.

Through my years of training thousands of clients and hundreds of other trainers, I have learned an obscene amount of effective exercises that I share with you in this series.  

You could spend days searching for all the exercises in the VFS, ultimately falling short, or get them all now and reap the benefits immediately.


If you are already up for more of a challenge I have now released free to you 9 Advanced “Kaizen “Workouts! The Japanese word “Kaizen” means “Continuos improvement”, which  is a philosophy I connect with so much I named my real estate holdings company after it (more details on that on the inside).

Follow along with me in my private studio as I share exercise tips and techniques gathered over 20 years of in the field personal training and competition experience.  These short videos will keep you motivated and engaged long enough to see incredible results, and from there, no one can stop you.

  • Varying Exercises To Force Body Adaptations.
  • Fresh Routines To Challenge The Body & Mind.
  • Always Fun, Never Boring.
  • Exercise Sequences That Produce Results.

Customized Nutrition

The VFS far surpasses other training systems available today that offer just a simple guide book and recipe ideas.  

10 highly effective lean muscle gain meal plans that produce hundreds of daily combinations.  

Inside the member dashboard you watch a detailed video explaining how to select and prepare your favourite meal plans.  

Custom software (Macronutrient Calculator) tells you how many grams of protein, carbs and fat you need at each and every meal based on your exact specifications.  

Unparalleled Support


Motivational & educational emails sent daily that spell out for you what needs to be done each and every day to be successful.  Creating a lifestyle that achieves all of your goals starts with thinking BIG and executing SMALL.  

I chunk down what you need to do into manageable, daily, bite size pieces so that you can consistently achieve success.  Videos, audio files, written words all delivered to your inbox motivating and coaxing you to take your next step, daily.

What is The Backbone of Vitality Fitness?

Deliver great content. Then…keep delivering great content, but in a strategic, timely and focused way.

This system will not help you to build your own rocket to Mars or make you a billion dollars richer over night, but it will most likely make achieving all of your current goals to make you happy.

For all of this to work you need to be focused.  Besides your hobbies, family and friends, there are hundreds of other “distractions” with products and services for sale today that are not helping you.  

Let’s clear your mind of all these modern distractions and regain clarity and focus.

Here is what I have in store for you…

A step by step, systematic, and simple way to understand and implement amazing training videos and custom nutrition plans everyday.

The tools to create the body that you want by designing your life to support your goals.

An organized vault of workout and exercise videos, articles and podcasts all designed to keep your goals “top of mind”.

Just $37

I have invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars worth of information in the VFS for the one purpose of helping as many people as I can attain the fitness lifestyle and reap all the benefits that go with it.

I am extremely confident that the value of the program will surpass your expectations and we will work together to see your goals through to the end.

No promises of “getting ripped in 10 days” or using “magic exercises to thin your waist”.

If you’re ready to take the time to do things right, we will achieve great things together.”

You will be surprised by the affordable one-time price you’ll pay for this entire Step by Step Vitality Fitness System.  After all, if I calculated the time it would take for me to teach you this powerful combination of workout, diet and goal achievement systems, and then multiplied it by my hourly personal coaching rate of $150… you’d spend at least $3,840 to get these results!

In fact, I have clients pay me $12,480 dollars year after year to maintain the exact same results that I can give you over next few weeks with the Step by Step VFS.

When you look at it that way, I think you’ll agree even the $37 value will far surpass the cost. 

I created the Step by Step VFS because I want to help you discover the incredible benefits of combining efficient home or gym training with a strategic diet and an engineered approach to lifestyle design.

You only live once — and life is too short to spend it battling with excess fat, horrible energy, poor self-esteem, even depression.

Why settle for mediocre fitness solutions?

Why allow cracks to form in your health and physique?

Why let negativity, self-doubt and bad habits stop you from getting the body of your dreams?

The Step by Step VFS is a natural, sustainable and enjoyable method of losing weight and reshaping your body. It will teach you how to finally break free of the frustration and pain.

With a little help from me, you can live a breakthrough life—and you can be an inspiration to everyone around you.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Join the thousands of people who’ve already changed their lives with our innovative training, diet and lifestyle secrets.

You’ll love it.

But if you don’t, you’ve got a full 90 days to try it out risk free. If you don’t get the same transformational benefits as all my other clients, just let me know before the end of your 90 days and I’ll give you a full refund.

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