The most profound, effective cleanse ever created.  If you are new to “clean” eating I would highly recommend starting here.

If you read only one book on “how to lose fat” this is it.  Learn how to stay in a state of fat loss all day long.

In seconds, learn what your magic macronutrient ratio numbers are burn belly fat all day long.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes with Bonus shakes.  These delicious recipes will give you variety to add to your weekly plans.

Just because you’re not planning on competing on the world physique stage doesn’t mean you have nothing to “peak” for.  If you have anything upcoming that you want to look your absolute best for, this will help.  Wedding, reunion or upcoming family pool party, I’ve got you covered.

Choose any one of these daily meal plans and adjust with your own “magic macro” numbers to personalize.  Prep ahead in 4 day increments and you will be successful!

Join me in a stroll through the grocery store.  I’ll try to shed some light on which products to buy and which ones to avoid.

Keep track of what exactly you did everyday for a detailed road map of how you achieved your best fitness ever.

Learn which supplements to invest in to avoid.  Saves you costly mistakes wasting your money and time on products that just won’t work.

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