Welcome to the Vitality Fitness System Quick Start page.

The strength of most trainers is their ability to motivate. Sometimes however, experienced trainers know when to hold someone back and ensure they’re heading in the right direction.

I highly recommend you take the route I laid out for you in the 37 Step VFS campaign, which is activated by signing up to the form on the thank-you page you were emailed after purchase.

You’ll receive the timely advice and insights on how to implement every aspect of the system to maximize your results.

First thing you’ll notice in the video section is Beech Body Level 1.  Click in to this section to gain access to your workout videos, programs and training schedule.

I recommend following the schedule as it is written but if you need to move around the rest days for unavoidable reasons go ahead and do that just make sure you get all the work in by the end of the week.

After you’ve checked out some of the videos, flip on over to the Nutrition section and start with either the Master Cleanse & Detox or select a Weekly Meal Plan.

If you decide that you don’t need to start with the Cleanse and choose a weekly meal plan you will customize it by watching the Macronutrient Calculator video.

The whole point of the 37 steps is to build momentum and experience early wins so that you adhere to the entire system, see great success and continue.  Setting up and knocking down your goals everyday, and that includes personal and business not just physical fitness and health related goals.

General Information – info@vitalityfitness.ca

Phone:  1.519.824.2065

Mail: 86 Norfolk Street, Guelph ON, N1H 2N6




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